T-Mobile Grows by Disrupting

T-Mobile Grows by Disrupting
Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) released results of its research on mobile phone financing plans. This analysis covers new phone activations from July-December 2013, roughly coinciding with the launch of AT&T Next, Verizon Edge, and …
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Mobile phone indoor positioning systems create bn market
This article shares some of the research in the IDTechEx Research report IDTechEx report "Mobile Phone Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) and Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) 2014-2024". Jan 27, 2014. email Forward Page Print Page. This article …
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India caps mobile phone frequency charges at 5 per cent of revenue
NEW DELHI: A panel of Indian ministers decided on Monday that the annual fees companies pay to use mobile phone frequencies be capped at 5 per cent of revenue for spectrum they will buy in an auction next month, Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal said.
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Apple execs say iOS and OS X won't merge, and 10.10 will prove that

Apple execs say iOS and OS X won't merge, and 10.10 will prove that
“The reason OS X has a different interface than iOS isn't because one came after the other or because this one's old and this one's new,” Federighi said. Instead, it's because using a mouse and keyboard just isn't the same as tapping with your finger.
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Google's Android Continues To Lead Apple's iOS In Terms Of Market Share
Google's Android was the big winner in terms of market share in 2013 as it easily topped competitors in key markets to end the year. A new survey from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, however, did have some good news for Apple's iOS. From October through …
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Scheduling recurring events on iOS
While users of Calendar (née iCal) have long had this capability, Diane's not wrong: The ability to schedule recurring events by day of the week is missing in action on iOS. But there are a couple ways to work around this issue. First, as just …
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Will this be the year Apple finally starts to wean itself off of Samsung chips?


Could this year finally be the year that DigiTimes gets a story right? Will Apple finally drop Samsung as the sole supplier of its Ax chips for iOS devices and move production to TSMC or elsewhere? Like it does every year, the publication today claimed that Apple’s next-generation chip, the A8, will be produced by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. According to the report, TSMC is preparing to ramp production of the chips using its 20nm process sometime in the second quarter of 2014, while Amkor Technology, STATS ChipPAC, and ASE have obtained packaging orders for the chips. We know, you’ve heard this one before….

Amkor Technology and STATS ChipPAC have each obtained 40% of the total packaging orders placed by Apple for its next-generation A8 processor, with the remaining 20% will be taken over by Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE), according to industry sources… TSMC reportedly will start ramping up production using 20nm process technology for Apple’s A8 chip in the second quarter of 2014.

This of course isn’t the first time DigiTimes has reported that Apple would make the switch from Samsung. It didn’t do it for the last generation of devices, but there is reason to believe that this year could finally be the year that Apple stops relying on Samsung, its biggest competitor in the smartphone space, to supply one of the most important components of its iOS devices. Adding a little more credibility to the DigiTimes reports is the fact that the The Wall Street Journal backed up the reports in June by claiming that TSMC had struck a deal with Apple to produce chips for iOS devices likely starting sometime in 2014. Whether the reports are true or not, it’s unclear if Samsung might also remain as a supplier or if TSMC will take over production for the entire run of A8 chips. A report in September claimed that Samsung would still handle around 30 to 40 percent of orders with TSMC picking up the remainder.